Daniel Thomas


It takes a sense of freedom to realize your dreams and passion to make the impossible possible – the present is all we have, so what keeps you from taking the chance?’ – Daniel Thomas Faller, Founder

Only once in my life I felt really bored. During school time my eyes often wandered into the distance daydreaming. From the snowy mountains of Switzerland my birthplace, to Seoul’s beehive I ventured far and wide, and once I arrived, I new that’s the place I feel home. Wanderlust drives me still today.

I love being inspired, and I trust that the idea of living an inspired life appeals to you as well. And I love to travel – why? Initially to lose myself and next to find myself; travel for me means the quest for not just the unknown, but also the unseen. And once you arrive at your destination it’s often the first-hand local knowledge that’s most interesting – people who know the stories behind the cities.

Painting and screen-printing intertwined with my love for photography brought me in contact with many inspiring people. One of the places I come back again and again is Isle of Skye and the Scottish Highlands. Sometimes just to relax and reflect upon my life. Sometimes with a group of friends and photographers exploring the great nature and landscape. Isle of Skye is for me a place of both of power and tranquility.

As it happens a well-thought-out plan was triggering a surprising turn in our professional and private lives and in 2015 a peacekeeping mission brought me to South Korea Panmunjeom and the DMZ; my past workplace for some years I may best describe it as a place, where power meets tranquility in a way far from the ordinary.

What surprised me the most when I first came to South Korea were the Koreans who are friendly, diligent and so passionate about their daily lives despite the divided situation. Always attracted by inspiring places and new perspectives, I found pleasure in exploring the culture of the real Korea.

My insatiable curiosity for the hidden pleasures of life as well as a mindful way to look at things and my surroundings has served me well in designing exclusive experiences for you, the photography-lover, as well as the escapist looking for the surprises that nourish your life.

SCHAUPLATZ was born from my passion and love to unveil the magic things in life, mindfully grow, slowing down and thrive through cultural exchange.