You can’t see the picture
when you’re in the frame.

At SCHAUPLATZ we are dedicated to challenge the “ordinary view” of an object, landscape or surroundings. With our Photography courses and workshops to suit all levels of skill we want to help you looking at things from different angles, focusing on improving photography skills based on the current equipment. With small size classes and expert instructors we are dedicated to providing excellent quality with a special cultural twist. 

Photo Workshops

Mindful Photo Walk
  • Life / Photography
  • SPRING 2024 / coming soon
    SPRING 2024 / coming soon
  • 6 – 9 pm / Thursday
    10 – 1 am / Saturday
  • 8-10 Guests
  • Seoul, Busan
  • This fun, creative photography tour will help you develop your capacity for Korean culture and deepen your connection to the beauty and the extraordinary world around you.