Mindful Photo Walk

«Putting one’s head, one’s eyes and one’s heart in the same axis».

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Mindfulness describes a certain form of attention. In a state of mindfulness, we experience the current situation without evaluating it, we simply take what was and is in the moment. We do not want to capture motifs and people as impressively and perfectly photographically as possible. Rather it is about discovering the unusual in the unimposing ordinary. To show beauties that normally remain undiscovered.

Techniques and photographic rules are not the main focus. Rather, we focus on a fresh, clear “seeing” which can arise when mind, eye and heart are in harmony.

Photo Workshop

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Seoul / 6 – 9 pm

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Busan / 10 – 1 am


Daniel Thomas Faller




All Levels


8-10 P

At the about 3 hours Mindful Photo Walk in our beloved city Seoul we explore and observe parts of the city and the surrounding area. We try to do this in a very conscious and attentive way. Places and objects that we did pay attention or give any meaning so far can suddenly seem to be new and fascinating. As a result, we slow down, awaken our senses, appreciate and realize what is happening around us. We start to look in a different way and discover the beauty in the most common places and in everyday situations. We do not take pictures then the photo finds us!

What can mindful photography do for me? Sometimes also known as contemplative photography. It heightens your awareness of seeing: allows your creativity to emerge and you begin to see things as never before. You will learn how to express, explore and process your feelings and emotions with a photograph.

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