Reimagine Travel

Our ambition is to mindfully grow and sharpen your senses through the lens of a camera. The philosophy present in all SCHAUPLATZ photo workshops and tours is taken straight from our own experiences – be inspired by new cultures, connecting with people and reinvigorate through transformational experiences.

Inspire and Connect

We believe vacations should be about nourishing, regenerating and inspiring. We traveled many places around the world where we met wonderful people who became part of our story. We want to inspire and connect through life, photography and unique niche travel experiences.

Principle and Roots

Culture is who we are, and what shapes our identity. Our experience proofs us right, getting close to the people and their culture opens up limitless possibilities! Our Swiss roots are reflected in our approach – reliable, responsible and refreshingly different.

Far from Ordinary

Our photo workshops and tours are designed to reveal the true spirit of a place and offer you a sensual experience that is unique and deeply rewarding. You will become more aware of the particular moment and feeling; the sight, the sound, the smell, the taste, the touch.