We Connect

We all share the same goal. To change the world for the better.
But we can’t do it alone, so we need to partner to support each others’ efforts.
We’re grateful for the incredible support, encouragement, advice and collaboration that we enjoy from the wonderful people at the following organisations:

Transformational Travel Council

We are proud to partner with TTC, The Transformational Travel Council, a worldwide alliance of highly-experienced professionals from travel and hospitality companies who share a passion for helping people transform their lives through travel and in building a more ethical, emotional, equitable, and ecological industry. Schauplatz is the first tour operator in Asia entirely rooted in the guiding practices set forth by TTC.

Korea Ecotourism Society

The Korea Ecotourism Society is on a mission to collaboratively bring together transformational knowledge, promote the development of ecotourism and generate action necessary to realize natural resource conservation and sustainable business practice. Schauplatz founder, Daniel Thomas Faller, volunteers as a Cultural Mediator, working with them to raise awareness for a community of change agents.

Story Yoon

Story Yoon tells stories and documents the traces of human, nature, life and history in pictures. By transforming emotions into words and visuals, she creates wonderful stories about love, hope and wisdom. We are delighted to have their support in promoting cultural experiences with our travel and photography community alike.