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Schauplatz, that’s the founders. Claudia Tönz and Daniel Faller. Since five years we are in South Korea and live and love the country. And we complement each other perfectly: different strengths, areas of expertise and experience make us the ideal team.

People are important to us. Doing things differently too. Carefully put together. A team of change-makers, travel consultants, space and visual experience designers. At Schauplatz, we believe that things get really good when they are done carefully and with attention to detail. We create experiences – with one decisive difference: we live and love South Korea and Switzerland alike.

Daniel Thomas Faller

CEO and Co-Founder

When the distance calls, he listens carefully: The visionary photographer has left his comfortable life behind and followed his passion. Landed in South Korea, he brings people together and plans individual trips for his customers. The Swiss-born initiator, mediator and networker has his roots in the travel industry, which are growing and consolidating daily. Daniel mediates between cultures, knows how to put on international events and is a born host.

Claudia Tönz

Co-Founder, Travel Designer and Mentor

Claudia, a passionate and intrepid traveler: Having worked as a consultant for many years, she has managed various global projects in a wide variety of countries. She avoids standstill, in change she finds the constant, in nature the tranquility, in art and culture the inspiration. Claudia listens, responds to wishes, takes concerns seriously, seeks and finds solutions – for her friends as well as for clients.

Esther Lee

Visual Designer

As you can guess from the name, Inhye’s roots are Korean. Involved from the beginning and responsible for the visual appearance of Schauplatz. Committed, captivating and with high aesthetic standards. And she knows how to mix Korean culture with Swiss mentality. She works and lives in Seoul.