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We are making local cultural connections easy, more meaningful and more personal for you. Our small-group, culturally immersive tours are carefully crafted explorations. Photography, different ways of seeing, is often the focus, but culture, food and art are intertwined.
Capture the essence of moments and places. By embracing serendipity, you will savor the fine art of wandering and connect intimately with the natural surroundings and delve into new experiences. We love to be your host and show you our hometurf.

Travel Spots

Korea Wine Culture Tour

A journey for culture lovers who love wine or wine lovers who love culture (rice) wine. Discover the diversity of rice wine and other spirits that embody the essence of traditional Korean culture at this round-trip hot spot.

 Life / Travel

30.OCT – 11.NOV 2024

8–12 Guests

Korea Photo Tour

Photo workshop in a country where the clash of tradition and modernity could not be more different. Travel with Korea specialist Daniel Thomas Faller and professional photographer Dominik Baur right into the heart of a country that is still an insider tip today.

Photography / Travel


8 Guests
Discover Korea

The South Korean peninsula surprises with culture and nature. Experience the traditional charm and forward-looking innovation and discover the seawomen – Haenyeo – on a trip to the UNESCO natural heritage site of Jeju.

 Life / Travel

04. – 14.SEP. 2024

8 Guests
SWITZERLAND – Feel the Swiss Vibe
Step into the magical Swiss Alps, discovering cheese making with local pros, epic heights on Pilatus Mountain and Brienzer Rothorn, jaw-dropping nature on hikes and boat trips. And last but not least re-energize with the most prolific thermal water.
 Life / Travel
8 Guests